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It was just after the World War II mankind was making something Special. Cars and trucks made especially in United States of America during the period post War II i.e. after about 1946 were such an art of perfection that even during the new millennium people strive hard to keep this vehicles running as they are Special for them all always.


This is the motive of our company to give our share so as all these muscles and Vintages are kept restored even for the generation to come. We have always applied major thrust on procuring parts for these vehicles. We use our manufacturing facilities here to reproduce the parts and make them available for all fellow enthusiasts all over the world. We manufacture replacement spare parts for the vehicles such as Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, DeSoto, Chevrolet, Buick, Ford V8 and Cadillac etc.and for various other models of year 1947 and after.

Our customers for such parts include those fellow dealers in America who also have the same motive as ours to make available the parts for restoration purposes and also a few fellow enthusiasts in U.S.A., U.K., France, Germany, Australia, India, and U.A.E etc. We have various attractive offers for our co-dealers in U.S.A. for wholesale parts requirements especially for the Chrysler and of vehicles. We request to provide us with your enquiries and requirements for these vehicles and our skilled and well-trained staff could well be useful to you to produce exact replica of OEM parts of these vehicles at very reasonable rates with assurance of prompt services.

Please ask with our Sales Staff headed by Mr.Piyush Shah for your enquiries related to your requirements for these vehicles. We have noted down a list of various items in this section of our website and linked it to the Enquiry form. We request our patrons to please fill up the form and let us know your enquiry and our Sales team shall promptly react and respond accordingly.


In this section of parts for Vintage and Classic Cars we have put most emphasis on our strength that is to procure and make available parts for Classics and Muscles which have come out from the factories belonging to Chrysler Corporation and General Motors during the era post World War II. Both these Giant companies have revolutionized the idea of vehicle manufacturing and since then been one of the pillars of economy of United States of America.

First we have presented a list for parts we would be able to supply for cars of Chrysler Corp.such as Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, DeSoto (models 1947-1959)popularly called as “DPCD” and original parts for these are MOPAR parts.

  Item Name Replaces Original No.
Main bearing Set for 6 cyl motor: dia:3 ¼” & 3 7/16” FM No.415
Connecting Rod bearing set for 6 cyl. motor (see picture) FM No.9185
Camshaft Gear 601757
Oil Filter (Sealed Case –throwaway type) (see picture) 861028
Motor Mount Front All 6 Cyl. (see picture) 1405372
Distribution Tube for 6 cyl. 23” and 25” long (see picture) 637432
Mechanical Valve Lifters 866891
Engine Valve Set for 6 cyl. motor :dia:3 ¼” & 3 7/16” 1109912 / 1319089
Water Pump Repair kit (see picture) 1325977
Carburetor Repair Kit 1312178K

Engine compartment: This is always every automobile company starts with. We carry different variety of parts in this group varying from engine bearings to oil filter and water pump assemblies or repair kits to water distribution tube.We might not have incuded those parts you need,Please enquire separately for your requirements which have not been placed in this section as due to shortage of place.
As fas as known we have mentioned the original part numbers for reference purposes only for our patrons. We have our own series of part numbers to identify them.

  Item Name Replaces Original No. Popular No.
Brake Master Cylinder Assembly (see picture) 695696,118284 M852, M544, M3241
Brake Master Cylinder Repair Kits (see picture) 1316228 MC279/ FC13504
Brake Wheel Cylinder assemblies & Repair kits (see picture) 1311532/33/34/35/36: 947580 10580/81/82/83/88
Hydraulic Brake Hoses (see picture) 1137710/ 1121324/ 1739249 11110 /10304/ 3700

Brake Group: Here we have Brake Master Cylinder assemblies and its repair kits and wheel cylinders and repair kits and Hydraulic Brake hoses.
  Item Name Replaces Original No. Popular No.
King Pin Set (see picture) 933435/ 36/ 1450738  
Upper Pivot Pin Kit (see picture)   CK94A
Lower Pivot Pin Kit   CK95
Silent Bloc Bush 1630303  
Tie Rod Ends   ES 60 L & R
Suspension Parts
  Item Name Replaces Original No. Popular No.
Distributor Cap 1235421,1343576,641033 IAO1003, IAT1033, IGP1003
Contact Point Set 699291/92,1343581 IGP 3028ES, MS, JS
Distributor Condensor 1818757,1881723 IAT 3076D
Distributor Rotor 868095/961343587 IAU1016A, IGS1016B, IGP1016B
Ignition Parts
(see picture)
  Item Name Replaces Original No. Popular No.
Universal Joint repair Package (see picture) 939700 MR52A
Universal Joint repair Package 2298941 MR65A
Universal Joint Body 668504  
Universal Joint Cross 1238415 / 416  
Clutch Disc 1820226  
Starter Switch 641462  
Universal Joint Parts,
Axle Parts, Clutch
Oil Seals GROUP F
Replaces Original No. 891448 1064856 1139898 1489102 1613409 859164 663602 1139896 1064730 670752 600420
Popular (National) No. 50354 5797 50061 6456 6840 6241 5851 50776 6186 10684S 5737
auto spare parts manufacturer exporter dealer outsourcing from india
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