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Being an international business group we are always keen to diversify our business into multi-product trade activity. As one of our business activity we have begun to market and export wooden handmade carvings and statuettes of animals and other non-human objects such as decorative carriage wheel and idols of Lord Ganesha, Jesus Christ etc and also our range here includes inlaid works like teapoys, coffee tables and other items of furniture such as jewellery box. These products classified under Indian Handicrafts and hand-worked furniture are reputed for its craftsmanship and quality throughout the world. Could you imagine the products displayed below were just lumbers or logs of trees such as Rosewood, Pine tree, Teakwood, Walnut in the dense forests of Kerala, Karnataka or Orissa (Indian states) and they were handcarved after a long process.

We request our patrons to view this section of our website with a charm and enjoy the pictures. We have enclosed a retail price list for you to see for some of our items and place your orders: we would be delighted to serve you.

Price List for Wooden Carvings made of Rose wood.
Based on the Height of the Statuettes
Currency: U.S.Dollar. Terms: F.O.B.Mumbai
SIZE 5" 6" 8" 12" 18" 24" 30" 36"
Pose: Elephant with trunk down
AMOUNT 5.00 7.00 10.00 40.00 100.00 325.00 1000.00 1200.00
Pose: Elephant with trunk Up
AMOUNT 9.00 11.50 22.00 48.00 220.00 550.00 --- ---
Pose: Elephant Lying down (Breadth) with skin work
AMOUNT --- --- 28.00 44.00 110.00 215.00 --- ---
SIZE   6" 8" 10" 12" 18"    
Pose: Lion lying down (breadth)
AMOUNT   20.00 28.00 40.00 56.00 150.00    
Pose: Lion standing (Height)
AMOUNT     22.00 30.00 90.00      

Decorative Carriage
Wheel in pine tree wood

   Elephant Pulling A Log (Height)
 DIAMETER  RATE   SIZE 6" 10" 12" 15"
 18 Inches  54.00   AMOUNT 20.00 56.00 78.00 95.00
 21 Inches  75.00   Elephant Fighting and Jumping (& with Lion)
 24 Inches  110.00   AMOUNT 25.00 75.00 106.00 140.00
      AMOUNT 35.00 86.00 125.00 160.00
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