Automobile spare parts manufacturer exporter dealer outsourcing from India fast moving auto parts Automobile parts manufacturer exporter dealer outsourcing from india vintage chevrolet parts auto spare parts manufacturer exporter dealer outsourcing from india fast moving automobile components
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Automobile Sector being the mainstream of our business we have put extra emphasis here and we are now market leaders in the International arena for hi-performance automobile compoenents in the automotive aftermarket sector. Our state of the art manufacturing technique has enabled us to create a great reputation in the domestic as well international markets.


We are currently engaged in manufacturing and marketing of automobile parts for domestic as well foreign make of vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Peugeot, Fiat, VW, Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru and many more... Our products are not just confined to the cars and trucks of the new generation but we have also put emphasis on making the parts available for the cars & trucks of yesteryears.

 Below mentioned are different Fast Moving Automobile Components
Automobile Suspension And Steering Components
Auto Suspension Parts, Rubber To Metal Bonded Parts And Other Rubber Moulded Components
Fast Moving Automobile Brake Parts

With various automobile companies all around the globe in pursuit to outsource their needs of automobile spare parts and ancillaries from India due to facilities available in India and as a result are receiving their money’s worth along with getting them at much cheaper cost thereby are able to save and divert this savings in other areas of their management. We have always tried to give our customers around the globe with items that they would find beneficial and avail of all those advantages that they can fetch by outsourcing their needs from us.

Suspension and Steering Parts has always been the parts where our firm can provide its customers with best quality at most reasonable and cheaper prices.We use the best quality hardened steel forgings and in-house facility for most of the machining jobs helps us to maintain a supply in accordance with the needs of our customer.

The range here consists of:
1. Suspension & Steering Tie-Rod Ends & Drag Link
2. Suspension Ball Joints & Axial Joints
3. King Pin Sets & Suspension Pivot Pin Sets and Parts
4. Shackle Pins, Assemblies and U-Bolts

Our Range of Tie-Rod ends, Drag Link assy’s and Idler Arms are available for most applications including Japanese, American and most of European vehicles. Our tie-up with ISO certified manufacturers of high-class forgings enables us to manufacture high quality range of tie-rod ends and other parts. Please enquire for our product list for more details or just fill the Enquiry form in this website with the details regarding your requirements from this group of our product portfolio.


Suspension ball Joints are manufactured under strict quality control and norms. Customers may simply mark out their needs along with the application details and samples and we assure high quality performance parts. Material used here is EN8,EN9 and up to EN18.Enquire for your requirements of Japanese,European and American vehicles such as Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi etc and Peugeot,Landrover and GM and Chrysler applications.

These types of Suspension systems are the traditional and the most sought after systems for most vehicle manufacturers in the yesteryears and during the present scenario even are liked by certain countries for their vehicles. We have our facilities from the last 15 years to make such parts and are now keen to maintain the production for this parts.
King Pin Set Pivot Pin Set Pivot Pin Set

Hardened steel as per the international standards are bought from the most reputed people in the field and are then machined and fabricated to obtain the accuracy and fine interaction to run the passenger vehicles such as Chevrolet, Chrysler, Buick and multi-utility & heavy vehicles such as Toyota, Tata, Mack, Volvo etc.



The range of Under -chassis parts were included in our product-mix as some of our customers were keen to get this parts from us as they were very much happy to buy the other front-end suspension parts and are ever ready to buy these under-chassis parts of equal importance also from us. We are now pleased to increase our product armoury adding this parts as to keep our business going in full swing.

Shackle Assemblies U-Bolts Shackle Pins

Also enquire for other under-chassis parts such as Hanger Parts and Chassis Sub-frames for various applications for heavy and medium commercial vehicles such as MACK, VOLVO, HINO and ALBION trucks. To send your enquiries Click Here!

auto spare parts manufacturer exporter dealer outsourcing from india
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fast moving automobile components
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